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Counselling services

North Coast counselling services

Lifeline North Coast offers specialist counselling for people with gambling problems and their families. Counselling is aimed at assisting people to overcome their gambling problem. It includes strategies to establish and maintain change in regular gambling behaviour, as well as focusing on the underlying reasons for the development of problem gambling.

Our problem Gambling Counselling is a free service offered to problem gamblers and their families. This service is supported by the Responsible Gambling Fund and further services are available through the links below.

To make an appointment call 02 6651 4093 or email gamblinghelp.northcoast@lifeline.org.au

We offer Self Exclusions

For more information on Clubsafe Multi Venue Self Exclusion visit Clubs NSW

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Gambling Help or Responsible Gambling Fund

A free and confidential service. Financial Counselling is for anyone who feels overwhelmed with money problems needs help dealing with creditors, or has trouble budgeting. Are you behind in paying bills? Do you have credit card debts? Do you borrow money from friends and family to get you through until next payday? Do you owe money to finance companies or banks? Do you use your credit card to pay for food, rent, or household bills? Do you use your credit card for cash advances? Do you have money issues due to gambling? If you answered yes to any of the above you may wish to see a Financial Counsellor.

To make an appointment:

Contact 02 6651 4093 or email reception.northcoast@lifeline.org.au

Credit and Debt Hotline call 1800 007 007 or visit the National Debt Hotline website.

Lifeline’s Suicide Bereavement Support Group is held in Coffs Harbour on the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month. The support group is led by trained facilitators.

The purpose of this support group is to bring people together to share their stories where it is ok to talk about suicide and the aftermath of the impact. The stigma, shame, anger, and guilt that suicide can bring carries unspoken messages that it is not ok to talk about it, which leaves loved ones feeling alone, isolated and confused. Some of the experiences of bereavement following suicide might include:

  • A sense of unreality, numbness, nightmares, and intrusive thoughts.
  • Feelings of guilt and failure that it was not prevented.
  • Feelings of guilt at perceived failed responsibilities.
  • A sense of blame.
  • An unrelenting need to ask why to try and make sense of and understand why it happened.
  • Feelings of rejection and abandonment.
  • Anger towards the person who has suicided.
  • Personal diminishment, that is, experiencing suicide as a reflection of the quality of the relationship with the person.
  • A sense of shame and stigma, that other people will think negatively about you and your family. Sometimes this can result in feeling alone and wanting to withdraw from others.

Bereavement through suicide carries elements of grief that without some type of support and normalisation of feelings, one can become overwhelmed by the tragic circumstances of the death. Our vision is to provide a safe open environment for those progressing through their grief and loss, with support and hope, by sharing and connecting with others who are bereaved by suicide.

For further information, please call 02 6651 4093 or email suicidebereavement.coffs@lifeline.org.au.

Lifeline offers generalist counselling on face to face basis to members of our community. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by happenings within our life, and we need an objective person to talk to. Lifeline believes with such an opportunity, we can rediscover our strengths and our coping strategies. This is not a free service, but our charges are based on income and individual circumstances.

To make an appointment call 02 6651 4093 or email reception.northcoast@lifeline.org.au